Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Seven Pounds"

Perhaps you've seen it.  Will Smith portrays a guy who goes through a process of qualifying people to whom he then gives part of himself.  Interesting concept.  

Sound vaguely familiar?

Qualifying.  A first it sounds okay.  I mean, after all, shouldn't someone earn the right to a second chance at life?


Conditions. Standards.  Leads to judgment.

Jesus also went through a process of "qualifying people" to whom He then gives, not just a part, but ALL of Himself."

 Another interesting concept.  In the end He deems that NO ONE is worthy.   That's okay.

Unconditional.  Free.  Costly.  Leads to Life.


Monday, September 28, 2009

"I want to be a cake!"

Recently I went to share about mentoring with a group of women.  A mentee joined me as well!  We were so excited to "be" for Jesus!  We entered the room as the leaders of the group (always early, Leaders!) were busily setting up for the others who would soon arrive.

She approached me, excited.  I felt her energy before I actually saw her.  She stopped right in front of my face and exclaimed, with eyes shining, "Ele, I want to be a cake!"

What was this dear woman referring to?  A cake?  Well, there's a concept that is shared in the first pages of "Transforming Together."  Those of you who have read the book might remember the analogy.  The point is, do we want "Jesus in EVERY bite of life" or do we want to "pick and choose" 'tastes' of Him in our life?  The book goes on to say, " In a cake, all the ingredients are there, each ingredient is enjoyed and experienced in EVERY bite of the cake."

Do YOU want Jesus in "every bite? of life?  If so, how does this "taste" to you?
Please share.

Enjoying a bite right now,

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Spiritual Invasion or Politically Correct?

Today on our nation's capitol steps, for the first time in history, chanting to Allah was heard.  Is this a big deal?  Isn't it just an act of good-will?  Shouldn't we Christ-Followeres be 'politically correct?'

Depends, doesn't it? ....or does it?

To Whom do we pray?  DO we pray?  Folks, lines are being drawn.  Doors are opening that used to conceal conversations.  Whispers are growing louder.

The Invasion is here.

What is YOUR response to all this?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The VINE, folks, not another branch!!

Okay, help me out with this one, will you please?  We're instructed in Scripture to BE IN JESUS, right? He goes as far as to draw a word-picture for us on this one.  "I AM the are the branches. "REMAIN IN ME."  We act like we get it.  We quote it for heaven's sake!  I have a really nice plaque in my house with this verse on it from John 15. we LIVE that way?  Do we really?

My personal observation is that we're actually branches stuck in OTHER branches!!  We give ourselves away by what we say. (You know, "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks..")
 "What study are you doing?"  "What is the latest book you are reading?"  "Have you heard that ________is in town? Let's go hear her!"

Things that make you go "Hummmmmm"


Monday, September 14, 2009

Movement growing.....

Ever been part of something greater than yourself?  Of course you have! Each of us have that opportunity every day: we're part of a family, part of a culture, part of a political system, part of a spiritual Body....

Being part of something greater than ourselves is the norm.

But, CHANGING, ADJUSTING, CAUSING PAUSE in that "something greater"....ahhhhh, THERE is the point of distinction!!

We're told that "it only takes one", that  "you can make a difference".....we're told that, but do we believe it?

I do.

Scripture teaches that "without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God"....not just difficult, not just a challenge, but IMPOSSIBLE!  I don't like that.
 But I DO like "WITH faith it IS possible to please God!"
 So, "all" that is lacking, the missing factor, is FAITH?


So, what's faith?  Good question!!!
  NOT the non-existent!!!

Now, at first glance, THEY LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!!!  Ahhh....there's the rub.....

Still want to cause change?  Adjust?  Cause pause?

Join me in walking by faith!!!  Step out and begin mentoring someone.  Step out again and pass the word along to someone else.  Be that change-maker.  Cause people to pause.  Do it.

Are YOU a Movement Grower or a Keep of the Quo?

Looking for the Invisible,


Saturday, September 12, 2009

....then they're gone

Saturday morning. Vacuming and dusting the week away.  Nothing very pressing on my mind. Don walked up and quietly said, "William is with the Lord.  He slipped away last night sometime." The blood ran out of my head and I had to sit down. "William?"  I questioned no one.  "Why, he has two little ones; a three and five year old!"  What will Amy do?

There lies the question.  What does the mommy do after the daddy is gone.

Tough. Very tough.  No easy answers here.  No 'kiss it and make it better.'

How do you respond to my  Saturday morning?

Please pause and share.



Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"BE STRONG through the GRACE that GOD GIVES YOU IN CHRIST JESUS!  You have heard me share things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses.  Now, SHARE THESE TRUTHS to OTHER trustworthy people who will be able to pas them on TO OTHERS...!"
  2 Timothy 2:1,2

"Take what you have and give it to others."  That's it!

Take what you know about Jesus and pass it on to someone else.  Jesus is our example.  The Holy Spirit is our Teacher.  The Godhead is glorified through us as followers of Jesus.  Come alongside of another, partner with the Holy Spirit in Who He is being in that life, and infuse Truth into that person's reality.

To whom are you "passing it forward?"

Your child, your neighbor, a relative......

Share YOUR "passing it forward" with us!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


My Story:

Born the third of three;
The responsible eldest became
Held at arm's length and patted on the head
Nurtured, not.

Embraced Jesus, drew Him in
Young as I was
Old was my soul.
Hungry for Him, devoured Truth
Satisfied. Solitaire, but not alone.

Married. Children. Three steps forward, two back.
Obedient with pain.
Walking on broken dreams
Invisible bloodsoaked soul
The Great Physician
Scarred but healed

Mentee of the Spirit
Valued by Him.
Transforming He is
my life inside out.

Gratitude! Strength! JOY!

What is YOUR story?????

Friday, September 4, 2009

Facebook, anyone?

Just a thought!  Others hop on my facebook and interact there with more frequency than here. If YOU'D like to be part of that inter-change, just let me know!!

Invite me to be your friend on facebook!!  Ele Wilson Parrott

Just nudge me that you're coming on as a result of this blog invitation!!

Would love to interact.....'face-to-face'!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Recently I went to see "UP" at the urgent and consistent request of my adult children.  It was a $1 night at the discount theater so my husband, a friend, my 85 year old mom and 90+year old in-laws went with us.  We thought we were going to see a cute cartoon.  We did.  Ahhhhh, but we saw much more as well!

Dreams colliding with Reality.  Intergenerationality in contrast to "Me."  "Wishful thinking" competing with "Pro Activity."  "Mentoring" replacing "Acquaintance."  A truly great show!

After the laughter quieted and the tears were dabbed, our little 'motley crew' sat outside the discount theater in the balm of the Arizona summer evening.  We debriefing one another.  Everyone  shared.  We each saw the same movie, but through our own eyes, our amount of years, our values, our fulfilled or disminishing hopes.....   After the sharing we didn't want to leave each other.  We drove through the emptying parking lot with windows down loudly calling out each other's names.  Stares from others didn't matter.  Self-stopping didn't kick in!  We were "UP" and loving it!!!

Interaction. Sharing. Purpose. Pouring life into life.  Mentoring.  Being mentored.  It was all there in the 'cartoon.'   

Have YOU seen "UP"?    ARE YOU UP in your life or are you merely existing, observing, wishing, hoping....

I invite you to interact with us here.  I urge you to pray about Mentoring or being Mentored.  Talk about "UP'!!!