Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring

Friday, April 17, 2009

What, to you, is the greatest needed quality of a spiritual mentor? Hop on and share what you think!!

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Now, what, to YOU, is the greatest needed quality of a spiritual mentor?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

From the heart of a Mentee

The following is written by a woman with whom I meet. This is from the heart of a Mentee....
"the wonderful thing about "being" in Christ is that the journey never
ends - we are always growing and evolving both as a mentor and as a
mentee. We can go as wide and as deep as our hearts are willing to go -
with the Lord as our guide, and strong women at our side.... I see the
role of mentor/ friend as someone who doesn't provide objective
counsel, but rather someone who strengthens our hand in God (1 Samuel
23:16). What makes you so special, dear lady, is that you recognize the
significance behind what John the Baptist teaches: that "Christ must
increase and we must decrease" (John 3:30). May all of us continue to
follow your loving example of what it means to be a mentor - full of
faith, friendship, and love, while being ever mindful of the joyful
responsibility and the privilege it is to be able to walk alongside
another sister and share in her life's journey - all for the glory of
God. I am so grateful to our precious Lord that He has allowed me to
grow alongside of you, binding are our hearts together in Him.... "

Monday, April 6, 2009


Welcome! Thanks for stopping in and sitting a spell. Perhaps you're beginning your day with Starbuck in hand....perhaps you're checking your compu 'one more time' before crawling into bed....

What ever your situation, it is always 'better' with another. That's the thing about life; it's a plural experience meant to be shared! Think about it: GOD. What does that one word conjure up in your heart and mind?

God is GOD the Father, GOD the son, Jesus, and GOD the Holy Spirit...the Three in One God, right?

"Together"....three in one....

This blog is about a book on spiritual mentoring, "Transforming Together." What better place to begin that "in the beginning....GOD"......together......

What are some of YOUR thoughts on 'together'..... on "God"......???