Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring

Thursday, September 30, 2010


The conversation was one-sided. The person I was with was repeating, for the third time, their financial situation.  Someone had done them wrong. Defaulted payments which, in turn, were putting them in discomfort, perhaps in jeprody. Not good.

I understood. I was feeling frustration and a bit of uncertainty in my own life as well. In these current times, perhaps no one is exempt.  Her remarks were reasonable, understandable, acceptable.

So, why was I feeling devalued, empty, and yes, a bit upset when our time together was over?

Upon reflecting, I think I know why:

There was no interest in anything or anyone beyond herself. She was totally absorbed in her situation, her world, her pain, her potential loss, her...

A basic biblical principle had been violated.

Scripture teaches us: "Carry one another's burdens"  Galatians 6:2
The art of "one anothering" is a not privilege.  It is a command to Christ-Followers that manifests itself as a gift.  Jesus understands the value of "carrying." To those who reach out, uphold and share; it is beautiful. It adds to life. It quiets the spirit and calms the soul.

Conversely, to other's whose main and perhaps, single thought, is themself, it is tragic. It is 'less.' It is disobedience. How exhausting to be driven by Self-Need.

So, what do we do in these uncertain times?  How does one carry another's burdens?

I would recommend the following:
1. Pray. Tell God. 
2. Thank Him for what He already has in mind for you.
3. Focus on the options before you, instead of repeating, over and over the wrong done you.
3. Ask others how they are doing in these tough times. Show interest. 
4. Pray with them as well.

God is in control.  Our future is secure in Him, come what may.

What brings God the most glory during uncertainty is how we choose to walk through rough times, not the absence of them. Who is Life all about, anyway?

The choice is daily.

Choosing to carry, Ele

Monday, September 6, 2010

"The Good Ol' Days..."

We give ourselves away by what comes out of our mouths.

For example, there are those among us who begin many sentences with, "In my time...."  "When I was in......."  "It used to be...."  "In my day...."  (never have understood this one....." what "day" is  "my" day?!!)

The Good Ol' Days.

God has an interesting perspective on the good ol' days:  It's found in Jeremiah 3:16

"And WHEN YOUR LAND IS FILLED ONCE MORE WITH PEOPLE," says the LORD, you will no longer wish for 'the good old days.'

What do we see here:

* "When": A choice must be made on our part; it's not a given.

* "Your land is filled": The implication is that 'your land' is presently not filled.  That which is around you, giving your purpose to get out of bed, sustenance as your 'cultivate' it, and nourishment as the fruit of the 'land' is enjoyed must be in the present, not the past.  (Any farmer gets this one!)

* "Once more WITH PEOPLE": is the key, my friend.  Our land is just that, 'land, WITHOUT PEOPLE in our lives! Cultivating the lives of those around us, 'watering', 'weeding', caring for PEOPLE in our lives is the key!!

* "You will no longer wish for the good old days" ; The implication is that WITHOUT cultivating PEOPLE in our lives we revert to wishful thinking, to wandering in the past, to getting stuck among ghosts of thoughts, of events, of times long gone....

God is calling us to ABUNDANT LIFE....NOW....TODAY...IN THE PRESENT!!

How?  By 'filling our land with PEOPLE!!.....not memories!!"

May we grasp this biblical principle, hold on to it and FILL OUR LAND WITH PEOPLE, remembering the past with gratitude and living into the present...for HIS glory and the good of others!!

Please join me in "filling our land" with!

Filling my land,