Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring

Friday, July 31, 2009

Footprints in the sand


...indicate direction

... imply movement

... involve togetherness

...includes time

How are we doing?
Where are we going?
With whom?

How is YOUR walk?


Footprints in the sand

Footprints. Implies that there is more than one person. Implies that they are going in the same direction. Implies togetherness.

Where are YOUR footprints? Who are YOU following? Who is following YOU?

How is the journey going?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exposing the soul

" the core of my being-in the depth of my soul- I knew there was more...or I HOPED there was more, for, if this was all there was to being a follower of Jesus, I was sorely disappointed, angry, and scared. There HAD to be more...."

There it is. The human soul laid out bare before us. The hidden longing uncovered; the unspoken fears, voiced.
How do you relate to these words? Been there? ARE there?
How does this relate to being mentored?

Are you willing to allow another a peek into your soul?

Exposed, Ele

Monday, July 27, 2009

facebook, anyone?

Hey, I've noticed that all of our "chatting" on these topics are being done on my facebook page! Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE it!! The more the merrier!! Just want to make sure that EVERYONE who wants to be included in these chats, these blogs, ARE being included! So, please, continue the dialog on my facebook as a friend or hop on this blog as a friend!! Either way, let's continue the chatting!!
With you,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The "Other" Sister...

Remember the movie, "The Other Sister?" Well, there were 3 sisters; the oldest one was a closet Lesbian, the middle one was slightly mentally set-back and the youngest was ignored because of the two older ones. The mom and dad were torn as to how to interact with their now adult-daughters. Hence the crux of the movie. At first it seems rather easy to ascertain just Who is the "other" sister....of course it's the slightly mentally set-back one....or, oh, yes! Obviously it's the Lesbian...Hummmmm.....perhaps, just perhaps it's the ignored, wait,it has to be the....!

Family. Siblings. Children. Off-spring. Mentoring them....all the same way? Who gets how much attention from us..and when?!

Ah, such questions and musings tend to stir up deeper questions and more musings, don't they?
What do YOU think, dear friend? YOU'RE "in the trenches" in this season of life, RIGHT NOW, aren't you?
Who, in your family, is "the other sibling..." when it comes to authentic spiritual mentoring?
Were YOU the "other sister" in YOUR family growing up?.....

Let's share as Sisters....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mentoring repeats itself

Where do we begin as mentors? Who are our first mentees? Well, if we're a mom of young children we look no further than at our feet! Authentic mentoring begins at home....and the fruit of that mentoring can be very sweet.

Meg was a little girl who was loved by her daddy. He would come home from work and look for Meg after he had given his wife a kiss Meg would squeal with delight as he would hoist her small frame high over his head, swoop her down between his legs and come in for a safe landing on his lap. What a pair, Meg Whitman and her daddy!

Meg didn't stay young. She grew and as she did the best time of day was when her daddy came home and spent time with her. If he told her once he told her many times, "Be nice. Do your best...and most important, keep everything in perspective."

Meg Whitman now CEO and President of eBay attributes much of her success to her mentor dad. "I not only live by his words in my own life, I apply them to all that I do."

Who is at home, waiting for you? Who do you toss in the air and catch between your legs? Who finds their favorite spot on your lap? Who are YOU mentoring?

....and how is it going?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

From "Transforming Together" blog:

It happened after "building" one Saturday evening. Don and I were standing up to leave as the last song was winding down. The service was over and the "church" was beginning to exit. I saw her working her way through the bodies that were filling the aisle. She was like a fish, negotiating her way upstream to an unseen goal. It just happened that I was her "target!" We were face to face, almost nose to nose. With eyes bright with determination she looked straight at me and announced, "I want whatever it is you have!"

Mentoring. It finds it's way to the surface of humanity and pushes it's head out of the murky waters of mediocrity shouting as it gaps for fresh air, "I want that!" Have you experienced that for yourself? Are you breathing in the fresh air of Truth and Grace as you walk this Journey of life w/ another who cares about you and is passionate about Jesus? Or are you still "underwater", straining to reach the surface, looking for that other's hand as it reaches in the water to help pull you out?

What about it, Friend?

Share with us!

Ready to reach out, Ele

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Musings about Mentoring

Okay, we're in summer! Good ol' summer! Ideally the world spins a bit slower this time of year. You have time to "sit and think" with that raspberry lemonade, cold with ice cubes, softly 'clinking' at your side.....or do you?

How's it going for you? Are you in the Word?.....communicating with Jesus in prayer....investing your life in the lives of those around you for HIS glory?......

How's it going for you?

Hop on and share with the rest of us! We promise we'll respond.....AFTER sipping a bit more at that cold lemonade!!

In the shade with you, Ele