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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Intimidating or Inviting?

It has happened to all of us at one time or other:

Someone enters the room and we instantly are drawn to that person or somehow dislike them, right?

They are either intimidating or inviting.

What makes the difference?

Good question!

We see in Jesus' life that He comes "in HIS FATHER'S NAME."   He "enters the room" to please

His Father, NOT those "in the room."  Actually Jesus even says, "Your approval MEANS NOTHING

to me!" speaking of the religious leaders of His time.

So, what do WE glean from this insight into Jesus?

1. Human approval means nothing to Him

2. He enter's in His Father's name

3. He makes "every effort" to please God.

Now: What about us; you and me?

Perhaps we need to rethink our relationships/friendships.

 Are we needing/desiring approval from others or do we enter another's life with the thought of

making every effort to please God in the friendship?  Do we enter in HIS name, for HIS glory? Do

we make "every effort" to please God in the friendship?  Can we say with John the Baptist, "HE must

increase; I MUST decrease?"

The more we enter and interact in other's lives IN HIS NAME, the more the 'spotlight' is on HIM....

less on us.

Now THAT'S inviting, not intimidating!!  John 5:41-44

With an open invite,


Sunday, February 14, 2010


We've all know what it feels like to be tempted....

To want something we know we shouldn't want.

We also know what it means to tempt....

To try to get someone to do wrong, especially by a promise of reward.

The Living Word tells that that "great sorrow" awaits those who tempt.

We certainly can agree with that!  Why, if something tries to get another to do wrong,

especially by a promise of reward, they OUGHT to have "great sorrow" waiting for them!!

However, read on.  Remember, the Living Word ALWAYS tells the truth, right?

Jesus goes on to teach that the MAIN SOURCE of temptation, of trying to get you to

do something wrong, is YOURSELF!!



Jesus warns us that WE are OUR OWN MAIN SOURCE of temptation!

 So, is it time to take a hard look at "me?" How am I tempting myself?

The Living Word states that we tempt ourselves through three main avenues:

Our hands, our feet and our eyes.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Now, the question is: What am I going to do about it?

Looks like I have to make a choice between "great sorrow" and "cutting myself off"

at how I try to get myself to do wrong, by promising myself a reward!!

The application is clear, isn't it?  How am I tempting myself through

                     what I do.....where I go.....what I look at....

and then, what am I going to do about it?

"Great sorrow"  or "freedom from myself?"

Choosing freedom,


Matthew 18:7-9

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

ROI: Return on Investment, Spiritually Speaking....

Value.  Investment.  Return.  

At times we may think that all this emphasis on ROI was something we humans came up with.

Well, let's take a look at that, shall we?

We're told in Matthew 10 

 "If you cling to you life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it." 


Let's think about this first in the physical, material sense, okay?

You have some money.  It is yours.  You've earned it.  It has value to you.  You choose to take that 

money and give it to an investor, someone you trust.  You literally place your money into the hands

of another, with the hope that that person will take your money, invest it, and, at an appoint time, 

return to you not just the initial investment money but also all the interest earned on that money, 

the  ROI.

During the time of investing you have NO SAY as to how the Investor uses the money.  

Now, if you are not willing to sign over your money to an Investor for a period of time, you do have 

the option of putting your money into a savings a MUCH LOWER ROI! However, you

still have control over that money; you can withdraw from or add to that savings account at any time.

Okay, we kinda 'get it'  we understand how ROI works with money.  

Now, let's take that understanding w/ us as we step into Jesus' teaching about LIFE:

You have a life. It is yours. You've been given it as a gift.  You life has great value to you.

You choose to take your life and give it to Jesus,  Someone your trust.  You literally place your

life into the Hands of Jesus with the hope that Jesus will take your life, invest it, and, at the appointed


earned on that invested life, the Spiritual ROI.

Now, you do have to option to put your life into a "savings account." You still maintain control.

You can withdraw from or add to that 'savings account' at any time, at a MUCH LOWER ROI.

Are we beginning to "get it" spiritually?   Are we beginning to see how Jesus is wanting us to have a 

HUGE Spiritual ROI.....only we HAVE TO "GIVE UP " our life in order to "SAVE" it!

 Oh, you may be wondering what the "investing" part of this Spiritual ROI is. 

 Jesus tells us in Matthew 25: 31-46  Succinctly stated: OTHER LIVES!!

Isn't this amazingly great?!!!!!

No spiritual bankruptcy with Jesus!!

Join me, will you, in being a WISE Investor...HERE as well as for all Eternity!!

Investing my life in HIM,


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 May we choose to continue be transformed, together, in Him, daily through the Living Word of God!