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Thursday, August 12, 2010

She said that she said.....

It happened. That phrase we all dislike hearing...."She is soooo hurt by you...."
Someone was at my home. She took it upon herself to represent another's feelings.
"She is deeply hurt by you." were the words I heard.  Now I was hurt as well.
People were talking about me and it wasn't good.
What to do about it?  Well, this is what I did:
1. I told the person who told me that please, next time, instead of talking ABOUT me, talk TO me.
2. I called up the person who was "deeply hurt" by me for clarification.....AFTER talking to Jesus about it...about 'them'.....

Result: Clarity.

Turns out that the person who I was told was "deeply hurt" wasn't.
We had a great chat instead of a confrontation.
I called the Sharer and she wasn't answering her phone.  Hummmmm.......

What was learned?
That Matthew 18 is right on.

No big surprise there!!

Let's be women and men who live out our the "everyday"ness of life.

Straight talkin',