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Friday, January 29, 2010

Look at FAITH w/ me for a bit, will you?

We're told to "walk by faith."

The Living Word tells us that "without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God."

We're also given the impression that only a few of us actually DO walk by faith.

That's not only sad, it makes me wonder.....

What IS it about "walking by faith" that we, as humans, just don't get?

Think with me for a minute....

Who has UNlimited perspective?   GOD

Who as LIMITED perspective?    That would be us.

So, even in a traffic jam we rely on faith; faith in people.

Let me explain:

You're humming down the road and then you see it:

A wave of red lights coming your way.

Oh, oh.....something has happened up ahead of you that probably isn't good:  An accident.

You in your car and others  next to you come to a halt.  You can see nothing.

What do you do?  Sit and fret?  Perhaps?

Turn on the radio and listen to a traffic report?  Likely.

How come?  Because who is the BEST SOURCE to see what's happening?

The one in the HELICOPTER.


Ah, THAT'S your reliable source!  Why?


Can we make the application?   Let's try:

JESUS is RIGHT OVER what is going on!!


Faith.  Difficult?????

Why, to me, it's the ONLY way to go!!

Purposefully walking by faith in Jesus,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I've heard this so very often,

"My, and -----------is such a good person?  Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?"

I get it.  We're concerned.  We see ourselves, others in light of yet others....

and we compare.

What we don't often say is, "In comparison to ---------- I'm really good!  So, I should get a break on the bad stuff going around!"

That's too blunt, isn't it!  .....It also may not be as accurate as we think.

Seeing life from the Author of Life may give us a better perspective.

You see, we're told flat out that "No one is, not even one!"


Then we're instructed that God desires to turn ALL for the "good! for those who love HIM!"

Wow!  THAT'S quite a perspective, isn't it?!

So, perhaps the Truth is more  "Why do good things happen to bad people?!"

Share YOUR musings on this.....

Thankful for His grace alone,


Monday, January 18, 2010

It Happened Twice Today

Before my first sip of Starbucks today, it happened the first time.  I was listening to a  mom who has nothing but love for her adult daughter.  They had met for lunch the previous week and the younger of the two women began to share with the older, her mom.  The daughter's job "sucked", the others at work were "sub-par" humans, according to the spillings of the daughter.  She was only working there to pay the mortgage on her condo, and, to add insult to injury, there was no "man in her bed."  She was 30-something,  lonely and headed straight down a dead-end.

"So, what's the outcome of that sharing?" I inquired.  I was envisioning a follow-up Starbuck date, a time of deeper sharing, a break-through spiritually for the daughter.

"Well," replied the mom, "she's not talking to me!  Yep!  Happens all the time.  We get together, she shares, I try to help and then it's worse than before!  The nerve of that girl!"

"How come?"  I asked.  "Do you know what set her off?"

"No!", exclaimed the mom.  "And after all I do for her!  Why, after she dumped on me, I turned and looked her right in the face and said, 'Let me tell you about MY day, girly-girl!  YOU think you have it bad, well, sissy, you're not the only one!  In fact, you should be grateful for a job in this economy!  Don't even think of quitting!  And, it was YOUR idea to get into that condo, not your father's and mine! And as far as a man not being in your bed, well, missy, you're certainly not going to meet the right kind of guy in the places you've been going to!'  I'm so frustrated with her!  She comes to me for advise and then has the nerve to pull away after I give it to her!"

Fast-forward three hours.

 I'm now AT a Starbucks!  Another is sitting across from me, enjoying a green tea, no water.  (Order it sometime!)  She was losing the battle of trying not to cry while sharing.
"I'm so p.o.ed at church-people!  I am SICK TO DEATH on hearing 'how faithful God is', 'what a loving God we serve' and 'God is so good!'  Every time I try to honestly share my heart with someone, how frustrated I am, how much God has hurt me, how ticked I am at God, they can't shut me up fast enough with 'churchy-crap!   Auugghhh!!!!  I am SOOOOO tired of being shut-down by these people who think they are my friends!"

What was it that happened twice today?  People, WELL INTENTIONED people, got in the way of the Holy Spirit in the life of another.  They SPOKE out of turn....too soon. too much, inappropriately.
What is it with us humans?  I think we sincerely DO want to help others. BUT WE FAIL WHEN WE SPEAK TOO QUICKLY, TOO MUCH.

The LIVING WORD of GOD reminds us to "be QUICK to LISTEN, SLOW to SPEAK."  Hummmmmm.  Perhaps there's a reason!

Let's talk about this, shall we?  I believe that most of us have been on the receiving end of this reality....receiving advise that we never asked for.  Perhaps we've even given a bit as well....

Either way, let's interact about what happened today, twice.  For, it is sure to happen again tomorrow if we are not aware.

Learning to slow it down,


Monday, January 11, 2010

Hearing or Listening

Hearing is a given for most of us.

We have the physical ability to hear.  Our ears are healthy.

We hear.

Ahh...but to, THAT'S an option!

Jesus knew this.

That's why He spoke in parables...stories....illustrations....

If one is merely desiring to hear a story, to be entertained,

A parable is sufficient.

But there are THOSE FEW who

WANT TO KNOW the "why" WITHIN the story.....the reason behind the telling....

.....the LISTENERS.....

Jesus says more than once, "Anyone with EARS TO HEAR
                                                                 SHOULD LISTEN
                                                                 and UNDERSTAND!

So, my friends:

We are invited to use our ears to HEAR

SO THAT we LISTEN with our being .....and the given RESULT is



There's the secret!!

Once our understanding is stirred, it opens other doors as well, doesn't it?

Looking becomes SEEING
Feeling becomes TOUCHING
Walking becomes FOLLOWING
Reading becomes FEEDING
Shrugging becomes TURNING.....

All focused on JESUS!!

Join me in listening to the HOLY SPIRIT through the LIVING WORD of GOD!!

Understanding beckons us!!!

From One Follower to Another,


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Sticks and Stones...."

....can break my bones,

But, WORDS will never hurt me!"

Remember that ditty from our childhoods?

Couldn't be further from the truth, right?

In them lies health or sickness,
Life or death...
Kindness or hurt....


Jesus reminds us that "Whatever is in your heart determines what you say."


and, if that wasn't enough, Jesus goes on to remind us,

"You must give an account on judgment day for EVERY idle word you speak."  Mt. 12:36

So.....what does "idle" mean, anyway?

"Ineffective"  "Powerless"  "Fruitless"

Does that help?

In other 'words',  is what we say


Or is our conversation, are our words

useless, weak, nubby, sour, small?

So, my friends, as we step into 2010,

as we continue to CHOOSE to live as Jesus would have us live,

may our hearts be filled w/ JESUS

SO THAT.....

our words are healthy and not sickening
life-giving and not draining
kind and not hurtful.....


Friday, January 1, 2010

Choosing one thing

2010 arrived very early this morning.
Fanfare, balls dropping, pots being banged.
The New Year has officially begun.

That usually means we think about our lives a bit, doesn't it?

What's working
What's broken
What needs to be fixed

Can be kind of depressing....thought-provoking.....inspiring....

May I offer one suggestion to us as we stand on the portal of 2010?
Let's, together, choose one thing.

Let's, together, choose to get into the LIVING WORD of GOD....
so that....
will get into us!

I'm not talking a Bible study,
a 'read this verse',
a 'fill in this blank.'

I'm suggesting that we open the pages of
One's Life and ask Jesus to walk through
2010 with us.

Side by side.

Ask Jesus where He would like you to begin.
Go slowly, thoughtfully,
talking to Jesus as you read...
"How come this is here?"
"What does this mean?"
Teach, me, Jesus!!

2010 is new territory, my friend.
Only Jesus has been here before.
May you, TODAY, choose to BE in HIM....

There with you all the way,