Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Squeezed in or Set Free?

The holidays are upon us.  "'Tis the Season" we will hear...over and over and over again.

Men in red costumes, toys for all ages, everywhere, t.v. shows tantalizing all the senses....

And somewhere in all of the hubbub is Someone's birthday to celebrate!!

The Living Word invites us to be "new and different."

It says it this way, "Don't let the world system around you squeeze you into it's mold,
but be new and different..."  (documented for us in Romans 12)

So, the question is:  Are you crawling into the world's mold, allowing it to squeeze you into it's image OR are you walking in Truth, clean of cultural layers.....NEW and FREE?!!

No facts have changed.

Jesus, the Eternal One, chose to limit Himself, squeezing Himself into a human capsule, taking on all of humanity....all of One.

He came, humbly, for two reasons:
1. To save us from ourselves
2. To show us how we then should live

The Gift is Himself.
The Giver is Himself.

HE desires to free you, not squeeze you into a mold.

May you choose wisely this CHRISTmas Season.....

The choice is in your heads, your heart, your hands....

May this be truly MERRY CHRISTSmas!!

Set free and loving Him,

Monday, November 8, 2010

FULL of Thanks

The giving of thanks.  It's that time of year when we "officially" bow our hearts and heads, fold our hands and offer thanks to God for His provisions.  But do we truly understand what it means to give thanks, to be full of thanks?

Pause with me for a moment.  What does the giving on thanks look like....feel like?

We're told that to give thanks is....

to express gratitude
to offer appreciation
to feel the benefit of another 
to acknowledge contribution to our life

How are we doing?  Daily? Today? Right now?

We know from the Living Word that 'out of the ABUNDANCE of the heart the mouth speaks.'

So, we give ourselves away, quite literally, by what we share with others, what others hear from us.

I would encourage ALL of us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, friends!!

We have so many reasons to be FULL of thanks!!

Why not take the next 30 seconds and write down for what/who YOU are full of thanks!!

If it's a person...TELL THEM!!!  If it's an object, use it well and share it liberally!!

Let's be known as people FULL of thanks....all year long!!

FULL of thanks for YOU,