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Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Bedebe-boop" the sound my phone makes when a text appears was heard.  The plane was still on the tar mack rolling into it's appointed bay.  Phone were heard clicking and singing themselves back to life. We had just landed.

I pulled my phone out, opened it up and read the following, "I am w/a friend who's 21-yr old son was killed in motorcycle accident last night..1st, asking 4 prayers. 2nd, I forgot my Bible. Could u send me a couple verses I can share?"

A few hours later, early the next morning, my phone made the same "bedebe-boop" sound.  Another text.  This was from another friend, "My hubby hit black ice on the way to work this morning...flipped the truck..he just called me in shock saying he doesn't know if he is hurt and ambulance is on the way...please help me pray!!!!!!! I'm not panicking, please just shoot up a prayer with me."

Texting: Friend or Foe?  Neither.  It's a neutral tool.  How it is utilized determines if it is helpful or hurtful.

Why do I share this with you? Because I am reminded, daily, that we as Christ-Followers are IN the world but NOT OF this world's system!  What does that mean? It means we can utilize ALL that this world offers...FOR CHRIST'S GLORY!!! That's why I Facebook. Actually, I have two Facebook accounts; a semi-personal one and one for those who have read Transforming Together and appreciate spiritual "shorts."  I'm on Twitter.  Yes, I tweet!  Why? Because I have little to do? No..... because those 'tweets' are read by over 9,000 people a week! Do I know them all?  That would be a "no."  Does it matter.  Again, that would be a "no"...BECAUSE JESUS KNOWS WHO THEY ARE and HE IS WHAT TRULY MATTERS!!!

So, back to texting.  Yes, it costs a bit more. (I pay for each text as they come and economically better for me....)  Yes, it can be 'abused' and is....JUST LIKE ANY OTHER TOOL.  However, it can also be UTILIZED FOR CHRIST'S GLORY.  The above texts are witnesses to that.

Also, I know the vast majority of you who read this will not respond to me...AND THAT'S OKAY! Nearly 200 of you read these blogs each time they are posted.  Maybe up to three respond by writing me back.  Again...THAT'S OKAY...for IT'S NOT ABOUT ME, BUT ABOUT JESUS!!! THAT'S the response that matters!!  How ALL of us, myself included, interact w/JESUS, MATTERS!!

May we choose our battles wisely, friends.  May we not "diss" these and other tools God has placed in our hands.  May we embrace EVERY means by which HIS NAME can be raised up and glorified.

You need to excuse me now....I'm going to have time in His Living Word w/a friend via skype.....


       Bedebe-booping,  Ele

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Full of purpose conversation

Jesus was a Master at the art of communicating.  He conversed with purpose.
How refreshing.
May I be frank with you? (Come to think of it, I always am!)
Many conversations that I hear are, frankly, boring, silly, superficial...downright annoying....
(Is that too frank?!)
How come?   They are circular, beginning w/a person and....yes...ending there.
We're masters of talking...quite a distance from communicating.

Humans have made talking an industry: I mean, just turn on the t.v. if you have any doubt...!
TALK shows, 'reality' shows that...yes, talk about themselves....
TALKING leads to self-absorption which in biblical terms is self-worship.
So, what is our alternative?

Let's look at how Jesus chose to deal with this while He was here on earth:

1. He WAS. He 'hung' with people. But He hung w/purpose!

2. He was CLARIFYING. The very first words recorded for in the Gospel of John that Jesus spoke were, "What do you want?" This way all involved knew the openness or lack of w/in the conversation.

3. He was INTRIGUING. Instead of always responding right away, Jesus ENHANCED the conversation! The next sentence recorded in John is "Come and see."  He GAVE OPTIONS! "Hey, IF you really are interested, invest a bit of time w/Me!  If not,....."

4. He INVESTED TIME w/others.  He really enjoyed hanging, listening, interacting...NOT DUMP and RUN!

5. He STUDIED people, LOOKING BEYOND WHO THEY ARE TO WHO THEY COULD BECOME! (BTW: HUGE, friends!)  "Jesus, LOOKING INTENTLY at Simon said, "Your name is Simon, son of John-BUT you WILL BE called Cephas!"  Inadvertently Jesus became safe because He offered hope of growth.

    He didn't take offense.  Nathanael had rather dissed Jesus. "Can anything good come from Nazareth?"  When Jesus first met him, Jesus complimented Nathanael! "Now here is a genuine son of Israel-a man of COMPLETE integrity."  Jesus knew Nathanael's heart. He OVERLOOKED the insult to the INTENT of the statement.

Okay, the above is all seen in John 1.  What is your response? We see how Jesus turned everyday conversations into a moment of focus on God.

What about us? How may WE turn conversations that WE are part of into moments that glorify God and are helpful to all involved?

Would love to hear from YOU!! Please hop ON THIS BLOG rather than responding on Facebook.  That way MORE can interact w/YOUR thoughts on this very key subject!!

May our conversations be 'seasoned w/salt', ENHANCING what is already being said....

Desiring to communicate,