Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Recently I went to see "UP" at the urgent and consistent request of my adult children.  It was a $1 night at the discount theater so my husband, a friend, my 85 year old mom and 90+year old in-laws went with us.  We thought we were going to see a cute cartoon.  We did.  Ahhhhh, but we saw much more as well!

Dreams colliding with Reality.  Intergenerationality in contrast to "Me."  "Wishful thinking" competing with "Pro Activity."  "Mentoring" replacing "Acquaintance."  A truly great show!

After the laughter quieted and the tears were dabbed, our little 'motley crew' sat outside the discount theater in the balm of the Arizona summer evening.  We debriefing one another.  Everyone  shared.  We each saw the same movie, but through our own eyes, our amount of years, our values, our fulfilled or disminishing hopes.....   After the sharing we didn't want to leave each other.  We drove through the emptying parking lot with windows down loudly calling out each other's names.  Stares from others didn't matter.  Self-stopping didn't kick in!  We were "UP" and loving it!!!

Interaction. Sharing. Purpose. Pouring life into life.  Mentoring.  Being mentored.  It was all there in the 'cartoon.'   

Have YOU seen "UP"?    ARE YOU UP in your life or are you merely existing, observing, wishing, hoping....

I invite you to interact with us here.  I urge you to pray about Mentoring or being Mentored.  Talk about "UP'!!!



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