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Saturday, July 18, 2009

From "Transforming Together" blog:

It happened after "building" one Saturday evening. Don and I were standing up to leave as the last song was winding down. The service was over and the "church" was beginning to exit. I saw her working her way through the bodies that were filling the aisle. She was like a fish, negotiating her way upstream to an unseen goal. It just happened that I was her "target!" We were face to face, almost nose to nose. With eyes bright with determination she looked straight at me and announced, "I want whatever it is you have!"

Mentoring. It finds it's way to the surface of humanity and pushes it's head out of the murky waters of mediocrity shouting as it gaps for fresh air, "I want that!" Have you experienced that for yourself? Are you breathing in the fresh air of Truth and Grace as you walk this Journey of life w/ another who cares about you and is passionate about Jesus? Or are you still "underwater", straining to reach the surface, looking for that other's hand as it reaches in the water to help pull you out?

What about it, Friend?

Share with us!

Ready to reach out, Ele


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