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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The "Other" Sister...

Remember the movie, "The Other Sister?" Well, there were 3 sisters; the oldest one was a closet Lesbian, the middle one was slightly mentally set-back and the youngest was ignored because of the two older ones. The mom and dad were torn as to how to interact with their now adult-daughters. Hence the crux of the movie. At first it seems rather easy to ascertain just Who is the "other" sister....of course it's the slightly mentally set-back one....or, oh, yes! Obviously it's the Lesbian...Hummmmm.....perhaps, just perhaps it's the ignored, wait,it has to be the....!

Family. Siblings. Children. Off-spring. Mentoring them....all the same way? Who gets how much attention from us..and when?!

Ah, such questions and musings tend to stir up deeper questions and more musings, don't they?
What do YOU think, dear friend? YOU'RE "in the trenches" in this season of life, RIGHT NOW, aren't you?
Who, in your family, is "the other sibling..." when it comes to authentic spiritual mentoring?
Were YOU the "other sister" in YOUR family growing up?.....

Let's share as Sisters....


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