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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mentoring repeats itself

Where do we begin as mentors? Who are our first mentees? Well, if we're a mom of young children we look no further than at our feet! Authentic mentoring begins at home....and the fruit of that mentoring can be very sweet.

Meg was a little girl who was loved by her daddy. He would come home from work and look for Meg after he had given his wife a kiss Meg would squeal with delight as he would hoist her small frame high over his head, swoop her down between his legs and come in for a safe landing on his lap. What a pair, Meg Whitman and her daddy!

Meg didn't stay young. She grew and as she did the best time of day was when her daddy came home and spent time with her. If he told her once he told her many times, "Be nice. Do your best...and most important, keep everything in perspective."

Meg Whitman now CEO and President of eBay attributes much of her success to her mentor dad. "I not only live by his words in my own life, I apply them to all that I do."

Who is at home, waiting for you? Who do you toss in the air and catch between your legs? Who finds their favorite spot on your lap? Who are YOU mentoring?

....and how is it going?


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