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Friday, January 1, 2010

Choosing one thing

2010 arrived very early this morning.
Fanfare, balls dropping, pots being banged.
The New Year has officially begun.

That usually means we think about our lives a bit, doesn't it?

What's working
What's broken
What needs to be fixed

Can be kind of depressing....thought-provoking.....inspiring....

May I offer one suggestion to us as we stand on the portal of 2010?
Let's, together, choose one thing.

Let's, together, choose to get into the LIVING WORD of GOD....
so that....
will get into us!

I'm not talking a Bible study,
a 'read this verse',
a 'fill in this blank.'

I'm suggesting that we open the pages of
One's Life and ask Jesus to walk through
2010 with us.

Side by side.

Ask Jesus where He would like you to begin.
Go slowly, thoughtfully,
talking to Jesus as you read...
"How come this is here?"
"What does this mean?"
Teach, me, Jesus!!

2010 is new territory, my friend.
Only Jesus has been here before.
May you, TODAY, choose to BE in HIM....

There with you all the way,


Anonymous Donald Wickham said...

Well said, Ele. I'm sensing much the same. You might check out my latest blog on Seeking a Word from God. I'd appreciate your thoughts on that.


January 1, 2010 at 11:08 AM  

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