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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hearing or Listening

Hearing is a given for most of us.

We have the physical ability to hear.  Our ears are healthy.

We hear.

Ahh...but to, THAT'S an option!

Jesus knew this.

That's why He spoke in parables...stories....illustrations....

If one is merely desiring to hear a story, to be entertained,

A parable is sufficient.

But there are THOSE FEW who

WANT TO KNOW the "why" WITHIN the story.....the reason behind the telling....

.....the LISTENERS.....

Jesus says more than once, "Anyone with EARS TO HEAR
                                                                 SHOULD LISTEN
                                                                 and UNDERSTAND!

So, my friends:

We are invited to use our ears to HEAR

SO THAT we LISTEN with our being .....and the given RESULT is



There's the secret!!

Once our understanding is stirred, it opens other doors as well, doesn't it?

Looking becomes SEEING
Feeling becomes TOUCHING
Walking becomes FOLLOWING
Reading becomes FEEDING
Shrugging becomes TURNING.....

All focused on JESUS!!

Join me in listening to the HOLY SPIRIT through the LIVING WORD of GOD!!

Understanding beckons us!!!

From One Follower to Another,



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