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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Starbuck sharing

We sat across from one another. She had a peppermint mocha, no whip. I was enjoying a carmel macchiato, extra carmel. (I know...!) The rays of the sun played tagged with the breeze as they, together, enjoyed making intriguing shadows from the umbrellas and lattice.

We were meeting for the first time.

Amy was wearing sun glasses. Yes, it was bright, but the gentle morning sun was not a demanding sun. The glasses were for another reason. Amy was softly crying.

"I've just come from meeting with Laura at the church. She just doesn't get my heart! I try to explain the importance of meeting with an older women, one on one, but it doesn't 'fit into' the grid that the church is currently using!"

There was frustration in her voice, yes. But more than that, there was hurt. There was pain. There was that awful, sinking feeling when one knows that their dream, so close to being birthed, has instead, been aborted.

Amy was feeling devalued. She was sensing a deep disconnect with who she is and who the church would like her to be. And she was a bit angry as well....

Ever been there? Ever had that "if only..." thought? How is it with you? Are you part of a Body that is growing, communicating, listening, dreaming.....messy? Or is your church experience something like that of Amy?

Order your beverage and share with us!!


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