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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Not of our group"

     It happened again last evening.  We were seated in our living room. A book title was mentioned...a rather controversial book title, at least among some Christ-Followers. My heart sank a bit as one among us said, "The leadership of our church has recommended that this book not be read."  "How come?" was my husband's reply. "They feel that the content of the book isn't in line with the teaching of our elders." "Hummmm,"  I thought. "Interesting standard...."  My husband continued.  "How did the author respond to their inquiries?"  "Oh, no one spoke to him."  "I see."  Pause.  Don inhaled and pressed, "What were their thoughts after reading the book themselves?"  "I'm not sure any of them have read the book" our company responded.  "It's just that, well, others have said that the book was 'off' a bit, so, I'm not going to read it either!" The last comment was accentuated with a bit of conviction...or  was it arrogance?

     In the Living Word today I read these words. "Master, we saw someone using Your name to cast out demons, but we told him to stop because he isn't in our group!"  Luke 9:49

     Amazing! They spoke Truth yet missed it entirely.  Someone was casting out demons IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! Yet, their focus wasn't that humans were being delivered from the slimy grasp of the enemy.  Their focus was "he isn't in our group!" He wasn't one of them.

     Jesus replied to those disciples of old: "DON'T STOP HIM! ANYONE WHO IS NOT AGAINST YOU IS FOR YOU!" Luke 9:50

      So, the question is: Do we get it? Us? THIS generation of Christ-followers? We have an enemy. His name is Satan; Lucifer, the Devil. He has helpers. They are called demons; evil spirits.  "We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood...."   Are we more loyal to powerful pastors, to captivating orators, to famous authors never personally met, to t.v. personalities, to denominations, to holy habits, to a group of men or women called 'elders' than we are to Jesus? Where is our focus: on Truth or on being in the 'right' group? Think about it! In whose 'group' are you? Jesus' or other humans?  

      Grouping with Jesus,  Ele


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