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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Glimpse.....just a taste......

******It was October, one of the best months of the year, at least to Cassie.  Perhaps she loved October so much because of the leaves turning from summer greens to multi-shades of red, gold, bronze, fire-orange and browns.  Her own reddish hair flashed with multilayer brilliance in the crisp autumn air. The depth in her still-water blue eyes was even more alluring with the backdrop of fall all around her. The combination was stunning.  Cassie’s willowy frame added to the over-all affect, causing her quick movements to appear more like a fictional nymph playing hide and seek among the shimmering leaves than a young woman with lots to accomplish. “Come on! We don’t want to be late!”  She was excited.

Cassie was oblivious to the effect that her physical appearance had on others.  She relished life and the others within that life.  Love seemed to bubble out of her.  She knew that "being" was a gift beyond herself and she began each day, respectfully unwrapping every moment knowing the gift that lay within was beyond price.  “Hurry up, slow poke,” she joked as Matt finished packing the back of his aging Jetta.  “Not the coolest date car, for sure”, Matt had announced the first time he had come by to pick her up.  “But it gets great gas mileage and it’s paid for!”  Matt didn’t know it then, but his honest appraisal of his current life situation somehow had made Cassie relax around him.  “I feel safe with you,” she had thought.  “A guy who is good looking as well as secure in who he is! Kinda cool!” Matt was  “decent enough” to use his words about himself.  In reality he thought his appearance to be a bit odd.  His Italian heritage bronzed his skin and darkened his curly hair.  He thought it mildly interesting when people tried to guess his legacy.  “Is he Latin?” queried Cassie’s friends when Matt and she had first started dating. Others wondered if his birthright was more Mid-Eastern or even Greek. Actually Matt considered himself one hundred percent ‘home-grown’, a “local product’, so to speak.  A generation earlier his dad had run away from his home in Iowa to join the Navy at the beginning of WWII.  His parents had met at a dance for enlisted men at a local bar near Bremerton, Washington. And Matt was the result of that dance.  He sported his dad’s oversized nose and looked out at the world through his mother's blue, penetrating eyes.  His thick, soft lips naturally curled up to one side, giving him an appearance that others described as “that” look.  Matt had a growing awareness of how strong that particular unaffected gaze could be on others. At times it made him uneasy.  ******

Well, dear Reader, a glimpse of Possibility. This is part of the proposed opening for Book Three. Pray with me for the Lord's will to be done in regards to the Trilogy of Choices. 

Choosing His Will,


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