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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Week Left to Live

What would you do if you knew you had only one week left to live?  What life-changes would you make?

Who would you purpose to see?  What conversations would you want to have?  What food would you make sure you ate?  Where would you go?

Interesting to think about, isn't it?  Perhaps a passing musing as you take your morning jog, an option to talk-radio as you sit in traffic.....

But for Jesus it was more than mental entertainment: It was His reality.

"Uhh....interesting, Ele," you may be saying, "But Easter and all that kind of thinking just happened. You're a bit late with this post."

Maybe so. Maybe this post is "off" if thought of one's last week is confined to a date on the calendar.

But I think not.

So, what would you do if you knew you had only one  week left to live?

How did that knowing affect Jesus' last week?

Let's find out:

Luke 20:47 picks up right after the now-famous "Palm Sunday" ride into Jerusalem, a week before He gave Himself for us on the cross.  What does it say"

"After that, Jesus taught daily in the Temple...."

In other words, Jesus continued being/doing exactly as He had always been!!

You see, when life is lived from Jesus' perspective every day, nothing need change just because our particular time on earth is drawing to a close:

* Relationships are maintained; one is already in harmony w/those loved, a richness of 'iron sharpening iron" is part of the fullness of living, there is health in 'being' with others.

* Purposed conversations are had; laughter is quick and cleansing; one can go deep with eternal meaning as well as bob on the surface for mutual fun; forgiveness is given and received.

* Meals are with friends/family. Food is enjoyed as means to a greater end, not as an end in and of itself.

* Places visited are reminders of Somewhere far greater,  not as  "destination points" that know no equal.

Some day, some week will be our last week on earth. The slippery part of that truth is that we don't know when so we try to trick ourselves by ignoring, by cramming, by filling....

May I suggest an alternative?  Live each day, starting now, as Jesus lived each of His:  With purpose;
with focus, with intense love, with over-whelming passion, with other-interest, with Knowing.....

Living Each Day for Him,


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