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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spiritual feeding. Something to which we nod our heads, silently indicating that we know the importance of it.  But do we actually do it?

In the physical realm, we know when someone is not eating, don't we?
* Their appearance
* Their performance
* Their bodily function (or lack of)
* How they invest their time.....

The same is true in the spiritual realm:
We know someone (ourself?) is not spiritually eating, taking in nourishment, when...
* We appear spiritually weak, thin, undernourished
* Our spiritual performance is lacking, dulled, non-existent
* Our spiritual function is no intake, no outgo
* We invest our time in other types of "feedings"...activities, entertainment,sleep....

I was listening to someone the other day who was "so done" with organized religion here in the U.S.
(No argument there!) However, when asked what this person did to spiritually feed themselves, the response was equally disappointing: Basically nothing.  A little "thinking the good thoughts" (whatever that means!), a little talking to God.....spiritual feeding?  I think not.

Friend, Jesus invites us to "come and dine" with Him! How?  By being IN the Living Word SO THAT the Living Word can BE in us!  It's just that simple, that profound, that direct.  I would encourage you to open the Living Word to John, to "the beginning" if this concept is new to you.  Take it slow.  There are no "brownie points" for whipping through chapter upon chapter.  That's just silly. Superficial. A show.
Just like when you sit down to nourish your physical body, you must TAKE A BITE. CHEW on that bite. SWALLOW that bite.  And, without any purposed help from you, your body assimilates the nutrition from that bite.  Then, you repeat the process.

The same is true in the spiritual realm.
Sit down, asking the Holy Spirit to teach you!
Take a bite. (Perhaps four or five word!)
Chew on that bite (think about it!)
Swallow that bite (internalize it)
Allow your spirit, the eternal part of you, to assimilate the nutrition from that bite.

Begin. Continue to grow.....spiritually grow.

Growing w/ you,


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