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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holly daze or holy days? Your choice!

I'm always amazed at some of the choices people make:
To over-look or to stare
To embrace or to ignore
To celebrate or to withdraw
To applaud or to fold the arms.....

We're in "that time" of year, aren't we?
The media, the stores, perhaps our own Want is tugging at....demanding to be satisfied.

What will be your choice?

To over-do or to do well?
To receive at the manger or pay at the register?
To rejoice over Truth or "ho-ho-ho" at Fantasy?
To be new and unique or tired and common?


YOU can help form this holiday season into a time of
sweet holiness, wonder, depth, joy and giving for you....for your family.

Or, you can allow the tide of culture to sweep you
into the ocean of ups and downs,
waves of "get," of simplistic fable, of 'me, me, me.'

Holly-daze or holy days?.......

The choice, my friend, is mine.....

May we choose wisely.


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