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Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't worry, be at peace!

Worry: What is it?
When boiled down to its essence, it's
praying to yourself.

"Oh, what am I going to do?"
"How will I handle this?"
"Why is this happening to me?"
Worry.   Self-prayer.   Oops.

Scripture gives us an option:  Pray to Jesus.
Tell God what you need.
Thank Him for all He has done.

Result: Incredible peace.....worry-free.

How to keep from worry, from praying to yourself?

Fix your thoughts, your self-talk on the following:

Truth (not lies)
Honorable (not shameful)
Right (not wrong)
Pure (not tainted)
Lovely (not distorted)
Admirable (not disrespectful)

Let's put this type of "self-talk" into practice, shall we?

What a DIFFERENCE our conversations will be,
with ourselves,
with others,
with Jesus!

Peace to you,


Blogger karly said...

Well, Ele, when you put it that way.... :)

Why do I consistently worry and thus "pray to myself" when I could be praying to the ONE who has the answers AND answers my prayers? Thank you for this insightful nudge to my spirit this morning. :)

November 10, 2009 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Ele Parrott said...

You know, when the Spirit taught me that worry was "praying to myself" it really brought me up short, almost 'insulted' me! Imagine that! But it makes sense, doesn't it? When we worry we "cycle" in our mind; we linger on the potential problem, we come up w/ options, we spend time in the process which not only lessens but also hinders our commun w/ Jesus! Praying allows us to partner w/ Jesus, THE SOURCE OF ALL, in problem solving! I find the 'suggested thinking list" that the Living Word gives us very intriguing: it begins w/ TRUTH (which we know is embodied in Jesus) as our foundational thought and develops from there! It is a spiritual discipline that I have found to have healthy and nourishing fruit as its result, not only for our own well-being but also for those around us. May we both continue to grow in Jesus...together.

November 11, 2009 at 5:57 AM  

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