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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Very Eager!!

"When the time came, Jesus said, 'I have been very eager to eat this Passover meal with you before My suffering begins.'" Luke 22:15

The time has come. 2012 is here.

What words would you use to describe 2012?  Allow me to suggest a few.....perhaps....

Uncertain? Pensive? Change? 

It caught my attention that Jesus, in one thought-sentence chose two words to describe His near future:  "eager" and "suffering"

What may we, His Followers, glean from His example?

Here are a few thoughts for us to consider:

Focus: Relationship  "....w/you"  Jesus was focusing on others, not Himself

Future: "before"  Jesus was not allowing Future to rob Him of Now. Instead He was drawing strength from the Present to be utilized in the Future.

Fuel: Jesus valued eating. He valued time w/friends. Both were nourishing.

As we step into 2012 may we, also, pause to consider OUR focus, OUR future, OUR fuel.

On Whom are we focusing?

Where are we living? In the NOW or in the Future?

How are we fueling ourselves? In Him? In Truth?  w/ others on The Journey?

May we each pause to consider such thoughts as we step from one year into the next.

The time has come for such musings.....

Happy New Year!!

Very eager as well,



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