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Monday, November 23, 2009

The GIFT of Life

A week. It was a week ago today that it all happened.
Life was on his way.  We anticipated it. We planned for it.
Mama was doing her part.  Her body was responding; expanding, softening.
Excitement filled the air in whispered messages:
"Baby is on his way!"

The heartbeat was strong, steady.  Sounded sooo good, so full of, well, life!
Heart beat and heart beat, push after push.  Rhythm, harmony, togetherness.....

Then.....silence. No heartbeat.  Looks were exchanged.  Mama made adjustments to accomodate this new life trying to be born.
More pushing.

Still no heartbeat.

No words, only looks.  Another hurried movement of Mama in an attempt to get Baby out.

"Call 911."

Baby was in distress.  Mama was exhasuted.  Daddy was focused.  Sister was fully involved.  Nona praying through her tears.

"PUSH!!! PUSH THAT BABY OUT!"  everyone yelled in unison.

Grandpa stood outside, alone, waiting for the Aid car to arrive.

PRAYERS!!!!  "Please, God, please spare this life!!

Mama pushed with deep desire to help her son.  He, at last, responded.

"Waaaaaaa!"  What a GREAT sound!!  LIFE had arrived!!

Joy!! Tears!! Prayers of thanksgiving!!!  Kisses!! Embraces!!! LIFE celebrated!!

Then....again, that look.

"Call 911."

Mama was in trouble.  The unbilical cord, usually a link between life and life,
was now dangling.... uncommonly alone.

Somehow it broke off internally, leaving a gaping hole where once life flowed.

Blood.  Red blood.  Lots of red blood gushing without control.

Baby, still damp w/ "birth", unwashed, unmeasured, unweighed,

Now in my arms to get dressed to accompany Mama and Daddy to the hospital....

for Mama's sake.

Challenge after challenge met.  All  finally calm.

Mama and Bab, ALIVE, in one another's arms, enfolded by Husband/Daddy.

Where was God? RIGHT THERE!

Why did this happen?  Wrong question!!

How was God glorified through it all? Right question!

All remained calm in the crisis'.
Jesus' name was on our lips as a prayer, not a curse
Jesus knew.  He allowed.
Those in pre-belief noted
Believers gave glory to God

We are more aware, more somber, just plain More.... because of HIM in this experience.

Life truly IS a GIFT!  Each day.  Each moment.  To each of us.

How are you treasuring YOUR gift of


Blogger Morgan said...

Amazing, thought provoking, and a miracle. What a true moment in which Jesus was present! Thank you for sharing this time with us.

November 23, 2009 at 8:03 PM  
Blogger Ele Parrott said...

Thank you for entering into this time w/ us through prayer, interest and love. The miracle of birth causes me to pause and ponder on our spiritual some of us have "easier" spiritual births than others? Are some of us 'almost lost' during the process? This experience has opened up not often traveled thoughts in my soul....

November 24, 2009 at 7:39 AM  

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